1 bedroom boathouse in Alleppey

Are you on the lookout for 1 bedroom houseboat in Alleppey? You have come to the right place. 1 bedroom private houseboat Alleppey is ideal if you are travelling solo or planning to enjoy a trip with your partner. Our attractive single bedroom houseboat Alleppey is available in multiple categories too. You can choose them according to your budget and requirements. We avail them in deluxe, premium and luxury categories.


Different Types of 1 Bedroom Kerala boat houses in Alleppey

There are2 types of 1 Bedroom Alleppey houseboats – with upper deck and without upper deck. There are advantages to both. The former type, with an upper deck , offers you a better view of the route through which it cruises. The canal routes of Alleppey are decorated with beautiful greenery and paddy fields on either side, with peaceful and serene countryside one after another. Surely, this will be a new experience for you to explore the exotic beauty of nature in this way. Alleppey houseboats without the upper deck are not a bad choice either. They can conveniently cruise through quite narrow channels and take you even to the remotest areas of Alleppey backwaters, which is not quite possible with bigger barges.


What are the advantages of choosing 1 bedroom boat house in Alleppey?

Single bedroom boat house in Alleppey is one of the most frequently chosen services in people’s choice for Alleppey boat house booking. tour packages. People prefer this for various reasons such as its small size and enhanced privacy which is ideal for couples or honeymooners who want to stay away from the crowd and spend quality time together in the serene and peaceful backwaters of Alleppey. Likewise, small Alleppey boat house can cruise easily through narrow canals, which makes it an ideal option for people wanting to explore the countryside on either side of narrow canals passing through the place. On top of that, small barges designed with single bedrooms can survive bad weather conditions and cruise easily. They are budget-friendly.

With regard to the prices of 1 bedroom boat house in Alleppey, be informed that there are no fixed charges applicable throughout the year. It varies according to the season. During peak season times, the price will be higher than offseason rates. So, make sure you confirm the prices with our representatives, whom you can contact through the phone number or email address given on the website.

Although 1 bedroom boat house in Alleppey is meant for couples (two persons), up to three adults can be allowed to board. If you are a married couple with children, you can bring up to two children with you, given that the maximum number of people allowed on board is four.

The course of cruising and the routes being taken and the time of cruising will be decided in compliance with the regulations set by the tourism department. The size of the boat and the license type are taken into account when authorities issue the permissions with regard to these aspects.

Suitable for couples

One of the key attractions of single-bedroom houseboats is their suitability for honeymooners. What better surprise can you think of than taking your better half for a houseboat trip through the beautiful Alleppey backwaters and having a romantic candlelight dinner together? Our special honeymoon package includes an exotic candlelight dinner and flower bed decorations.