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4 Bedroom Houseboat in Alleppey

Besides having a wonderful time, a growing number of people these days choose houseboat trips to celebrate parties and events. If you are planning a get-together with friends or family or a small corporate event, choose our 4 bedroom boat house in Alleppey.

Besides having a wonderful time, a growing number of people these days choose houseboat trips to celebrate parties and events. 

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Deluxe and premium 4 bedroom boathouse Alleppey tour plans

In addition to the cruising type, you will also have a few choices in terms of facilities and features with our bedroom private houseboat Alleppey. This includes deluxe, premium and luxury categories. Deluxe is the basic plan. It is cheaper compared to the other two plans. You will have limited food options, basic interior and AC only during bedtime with the deluxe tour plan. On the other hand, the premium and luxury four bedroom boat house Alleppey is fully glass-covered and air-conditioned. They have a world-class interior.


Why is it ideal ?

4 bedroom boathouse Alleppey, as the name suggests, comes with four fully furnished bedrooms with attached bathrooms. All rooms are fully air-conditioned and contain a double bed. On top of that, there is a common dining area and kitchen. You can either cook on your own after bringing your own food materials or go with the menu that we serve. We will provide you with a chef to cook your delicious meals. While booking the trip, make sure that you specify all your preferences and we will make the arrangements for you as per your choices. 4 bedroom houseboat Alleppey is ideal for group trips that consist of 8 persons. Plan a get-together with your close friends and their better halves or childhood friends’ get-togethers or a small bachelor party aboard a 4 bedroom boathouse Alleppey next time.

Day and overnight stay tour plans

4 bedroom private houseboat Alleppey tour plan is offered in two different categories– Day tour plan and an overnight stay tour plan. Embarkation time for both starts at 10.30 and disembark is at 5 pm for the day tour plan and 8 am on the next day for the overnight stay plan.

The menu for the day trip includes a welcome drink, lunch, and tea with snacks in the evening. Dinner and breakfast the next day morning are the additions to this for the overnight stay tour plan.