alleppey boat house

Alleppey, also known as Alappuzha, is renowned for its vast network of backwaters and traditional boat culture. Here are some different types of boats you can find in Alleppey:

1. Houseboats (Kettuvallam): Houseboats, or Kettuvallams, are the most iconic and popular type of boat in Alleppey. These traditional wooden boats are beautifully designed and equipped with modern amenities, offering a unique floating accommodation experience in the backwaters.

2. Snake Boats (Chundan Vallam): Snake boats, also known as Chundan Vallam, are long and sleek traditional boats with raised prows resembling the hood of a snake. They are primarily used for the thrilling boat races held during festivals like the Nehru Trophy Boat Race.

3. Shikara: Shikara boats in Alleppey are small, colorful, and elegant boats commonly found in the backwaters of Alleppey. They are used for leisurely rides, sightseeing, and short trips, often catering to small groups of tourists.

4. Country Boats: Country boats, also called “vallams,” are traditional wooden boats that are commonly used by the local communities for transportation and fishing in the backwaters. They are smaller in size compared to houseboats and provide a glimpse into the daily life of the locals.

5. Canoes: Canoes are narrow, shallow boats that can navigate the narrower canals and waterways of Alleppey. They offer a more intimate and up-close experience of the backwaters, allowing visitors to explore the smaller, less crowded areas.

6. Motorboats: Motorboats are powered by engines and are used for faster transportation and sightseeing trips in the backwaters. They are a convenient option for covering larger distances and reaching specific destinations quickly.

7. Fishing Boats: As fishing is a significant activity in the backwaters, you can find various types of fishing boats in Alleppey. These boats are used by local fishermen for traditional fishing methods like net fishing, crab catching, and prawn farming.

These are some of the prominent types of boats you can encounter while exploring the enchanting backwaters of Alleppey. Each boat offers a unique experience and a different perspective of the beautiful surroundings and local way of life.

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